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The Right Shoes for Your Bridal Gown

February 18th, 2020 by En Blanc

A major part of your bridal gown is choosing the dress and the veil, but we can’t forget the importance of the right shoes. Finding the right shoes to go with your special dress often means finding the right balance of style and comfort, so how should you go about choosing the right ones?

For that extra lift that will complement your dress, heels make perfect sense. They create an aura of elegance to your dress and add some confidence to your regal gown. However, if you don’t wear them often you may wish to go for a block or wedge heel. These types of heels also work great if your wedding is happening outdoors as they won’t “sink” into the ground.

After the wedding, there is the reception and chances are you’ll be dancing the night away with your spouse and loved ones. Flats are still fashionable and arguably much more comfortable than heels. If you want to be noticed, your guests will definitely spot them as you move around the dance floor.

Don’t be afraid to be daring and add a dash of color to your shoes. While white or ivory have remained longtime traditions, you could go with a cute blue, for instance.

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