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Long Trains and Neutral Colors for the Bride-to-Be

February 26th, 2020 by En Blanc

White has remained the color most often associated with wedding gowns for decades. However, almost two months into 2020, trends appear to show that this much-beloved traditional color is stepping aside in favor of hues like ivory, cream, and soft blush gold. Bold, unconventional choices like purple and gowns with black accents are also emerging as popular choices.

While the colors are changing, so are the accents. Sequins and sparkles complement lace sleeves and backless gowns are emerging as favorites for brides walking down the aisle. Brides are also seeking fresh choices that break from traditional styles like strapless gowns. Interestingly, gowns with pockets attached are becoming popular, along with custom detachable sleeves. Tiny straps, off the shoulder straps, 2020 is quickly showing signs of brides looking to wear something unique that uses the foundations of wedding gowns while adopting a fresh approach resulting in an elegant look for one of the most important days of their lives.

Let’s use the train, for instance. The latest trends in trains favor lots of eye-catching drama that grabs attention and ensures the bride remains the focus. Think of scallops versus the standard round scoop tail or cathedral-style trains. These trains are attached to long dresses and are made with what’s called “illusion” fabric.

And what about the all-important shoes? Brides are dazzling flats in some cases with sparkles in favor of the typical high heels, preferring instead to focus on comfortable style.

If you’ve attended any weddings recently, what are some of the trends you’re noticing?