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Complete Your Wedding Gown With an Accessory

February 26th, 2020 by En Blanc

Once you’ve decided on the all-important wedding gown for your special day, you’ve already made tremendous progress in your preparation. However, there may still be room to spruce up your gown and add a few elements that will make it feel complete. Whether it’s a belt, the right jewelry, or even an ornament for your hair, let’s explore a pair of details you may wish to consider for the finishing touch.

Usually, a seamed dress can be enhanced with a belt. A lace or appliqué dress extending beyond the waist from the bodice may not need a belt. The amount of adornment on the belt is dictated by the detail on the dress, which means more may not necessarily be better. Your wedding gown consultant can be highly beneficial in determining whether a belt is a right choice.

When it comes to choosing jewelry, you may wish to focus on what pieces will have the greatest visibility. If your dress is embroidered in gold, for example, you may find jewelry with a gold-tone will add just the right accent to your glowing appearance. You may also find a belt and jewelry set that are meant to complement each other, taking the guesswork out of finding that ideal piece to make the gown truly complete.

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