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Hello gorgeous! Welcome to En Blanc! Congratulations on your engagement; we cannot wait to meet you and help you celebrate this special time. Here at En Blanc, we are redefining the way a modern bride chooses her special gown for her big day, and here’s why.

A while ago, I accompanied a girlfriend to an ​appointment across town to find a gown for her​ wedding​ day. It wasn’t my first time doing this. Having been a bridesmaid over a dozen times, it was a process with which I was very familiar. It always brought me so much joy to see my dear friends’ smiles and tears when they found “the one” and to be able to spend the quality time together sharing in that moment. However, during this particular experience, I realized that most of the consultations I had witnessed were accompanied by stressors our bride would experience… especially in LA.

Our working bride would have to take time away from her career to ​get to her​​ appointment, fight up to three hours of LA traffic to make that appointment, share ​her ​time with or compare herself to other brides, experience a consultant ​trying to sell her into a dress that didn’t suit her, the list went on. All of these problems proved themselves to be obstacles to what should be the purely joyful, relaxing, and (most importantly) FUN! experience of finding her dress.

We realized there was an opportunity here to help solve these ​p​​​roblems for our modern bride​ and a strong need for a bride to have a new option out there… ​and that is where En Blanc was born.

En Blanc was created to eliminate these stressors by providing our bride-to-be her own, personal bridal consultation, with one-on-one time in an intimate setting.  Our collections are carefully chosen for ​fashion forward​ bride​s​ who value time and personalized service. We design each of our consultations based on each one of our unique brides and make it possible for her to get as much joy and happiness out of this special experience as she deserves.

It’s our pleasure to bring that to you and assist you in becoming a beautiful bride, En Blanc.

XOXO, Bridget


Bridget Doory is the the owner of En Blanc, the service redesigning the bridal gown experience. Born in New Orleans, raised in Maryland and loving life in California, she’s seen a vast spectrum of different types of brides from Southern, to preppy eastern, to beautiful coastal Californian. One thing remains consistent with all her brides and that’s how important the moment is when she finds her gown. After beginning her career in fashion, Bridget left to pursue a career path ​on commodity trade floors knowing that she would one day go back and pursue her dream to style brides for their special day. The ​gown ​collection she’s bringing coastal California brides is carefully chosen by her traveled eye, graceful style and appreciation for effortless beauty.

Bridget and her team at En Blanc recognize that a bride deserves a personally designed experience when finding the dress of her dreams and they’re providing the only way to bring that to them.